for women, by women, in support of women.

LumillaMingus is for the power women who makes the rules and the girl who loves to breaks them. I design with myself and my best friends in mind. Therefore, I put so much thought into every single detail. I expect and demand impeccable quality and functionality and that is what I produce for my customers. I want to give the best possible product and experience. Being a direct to consumer business allows me to do so!



Lulu, born in Denmark, attended the Design Academy of Copenhagen in 2002 while working for Danish designer Ann Wiberg/Trash Couture. She was trained in Haute Couture in Paris and London before moving to Los Angeles in 2004. Lulu studied the US markets while working as sales manager at Von Dutch Originals. This experience and exposure to the mid and high end markets allowed Lulu to develop her passion and interest in luxury production and craftsmanship. Identifying a need in the market, Lulu created and launched LumillaMingus in 2014.



Scottie, born in New Orleans, has been involved in markteing and fashion since 1998. She worked at New York Magazine before moving to San Francisco in early 2001 where she worked in advertising at Entertainment Weekly. In 2002, she was hired in merchandising at GAP, Inc where she rose to head of denim at Old Navy Womens. After leaving GAP in 2004, she played a critical role in launching The Blue Jean Bar Boutique in several domestic locations, managing sales and stores until 2010. She joined LumillaMingus as Head of Sales in 2016.



Karen is a user experience and visual designer who has spent the last 10 years working with companies and startups both large and small. After studying drawing and painting at Parsons School of Design, Karen worked as a UI designer for the lifestyle company, Glam Media. After leaving Glam in 2012 she launched a storytelling app called Steller, which was named “One Of The Best Apps of 2014” by Apple. Karen joined LumillaMingus as a content creator and digital director in 2017.

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Peter is an apparel industry specialist with a broad range of skills and experience in senior management supply chain operations.  Peter brings expert skills in building world class international organizations designed to function clearly, execute, and bringing operation excellence. His specific skills in international global sourcing, management of product development, and processes related to production, regulatory compliance, IT, supply chain, distribution and international trade is a tremendous asset for LumillaMingus, which he joined as a strategic advisor in 2018.