Louise Roe

Louise Roe, TV host - Fashion Journalist - Author - Tastemaker - Mom and Wife

One of my greatest inspirations personally and professionally is meeting new people and hearing their life stories. I find it so fascinating to learn about a person’s history, passions and story as it truly defines who they are today. My work and blog, Lulu Loves, allows me to come in contact with some of the most impressive people.

I recently had the honor of interviewing, Louise Roe, television presenter, fashion journalist and influencer. She epitomizes the modern female entrepreneur as she manages her world -famous brand while balancing life of being a wife and new mom. She is truly an inspiration in her work and her life is a role model not only to me but to girls and women everywhere. 

Throughout our conversation, I was so moved by her determination, her passion and success. 

I felt such a connection with her and just loved being around her. She is such an inspiration in her life and work and embodies what it means to be nice which is a breath of fresh air in this cut throat fashion world. This is her best piece of advice to women and young girls starting out in fashion -  'just be nice. What a beautifully simple trait that is possible and attainable by anyone. 

I have followed Louise's career for years and I especially love seeing her rock her LumillaMingus bags ;-) She is a force of elegance, power, style and fun!


Quote from Louise ' I've had a Lumilla bag for years and loved seeing her designs each season - the cream bumbag (as we call them in England!!) is so cute for Summer! 

Quote from Louise ' I've had a Lumilla bag for years and loved seeing her designs each season - the cream bumbag (as we call them in England!!) is so cute for Summer! 


Lulu: Did you dream of working in fashion growing up? Louise Roe: No I wanted to be Madonna's back up dancer and spent a lot of time practicing!

Lulu: What was your first job in fashion? what was your favorite job in fashion? Louise Roe: I was an intern at Elle magazine straight out of college. It's hard to choose! Probably hosting my MTV makeover show, Plain Jane. We filmed for 5 years across the globe and it was awesome.

Lulu: What has been your biggest challenge professionally? Louise Roe: Getting a work and life balance, because my job is very much shooting and sharing my personal life, and writing about it - from fashion and beauty tips to now motherhood, sometimes i'm bad at drawing a line and switching off. But I think a lot of people have that problem, no matter which industry they're in.

Lulu: How has the fashion world changed since social media, for good and bad? Louise Roe: It's made it less of an exclusive club, and far more democratic - anyone, anywhere, can see the latest runway shows and feel a part of what's happening. The immediacy of being able to buy clothes literally off the runway, with companies like Moda Operandi, is incredible.

Lulu: who are some of your favorite designers and why? *Louise Roe; I have always loved Erdem since I worked at Vogue.com in London - he is such a lovely guy as well as being incredibly talented!

Lulu: What is your one favorite fashion item? *Louise Roe: A pair of black strappy Aquazzura heels i bought in their stunning flagship boutique in Venice. I was on a work trip and got up early to walk there along the river. The sun was shining and I stopped for coffee on the way in an ancient cafe, and honestly felt like I was in a movie. I have worn them non-stop!

Lulu: What are the fashion trends you are most excited about right now? Louise Roe:* Thigh-high boots and chintzy floral dresses.

Lulu: What is your best advise to young girls starting out in the fashion world ? what is the best advice you received professionally? Louise Roe: Just be nice - simple as that. Fashion has a reputation for being bitchy and yes there are some bitches (!) but i've also made some of my closest friends in this industry. And never give up, keep focused. Don't expect a leg up or a short cut, get to the office early, leave late, and stay enthusiastic. Even when you're photocopying or getting coffee!

Lulu: name 3 women that inspire you and why? Louise Roe: My Mum - she's just the kindest, most compassionate woman. Anine Bing - she inspired me to become a Mum myself and believe I could still run a company and have a life! Tasmina Perry - my editor at In Style magazine who is still a great friend and followed her dreams to become a best-selling novelist. She hired me for my first paid job, as features assistant, and would take me for lunch and give me endless advice. I'll never forget that.

Lulu: What can we expect to see from you in 2018? Louise Roe: I'm actually working on two documentary formats that I would produce and host. The nerdy side of me is finally coming to fruition, and I'm very excited!


Lulu: For me personally, I love that my children grow up with a mix of American and Danish culture - so many benefits to this. Is it important to you to install your English values and traditions in Honor’s upbringing as well while living in LA? Louise Roe: Oh absolutely! Honor is very much British, even though she is also an American citizen. The British sense of humor, the accent, the countryside and history, even the English foods - will all be a big part of her life.

Lulu: What makes you the most excited about raising a girl in these changing times for women? Louise Roe: It's fascinating to watch it change before our very eyes, and I hope she'll turn around and be shocked that the things we are marching for now, were even an issue in the first place. In the same way we look back at voting. And if her dad has anything to do with it, she'll be beating the boys at soccer and golf before she knows it too!

Louise wearing 'LumillaMingus X Montage' striped LUCCA tote and 'LumillaMingus X Catt Sadler' black JACKI bag.

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