Anine Bing

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Anine Bing Danish Designer  
Founder and Creative Director, Anine Bing

I recently had the privilege of sitting down with fellow Dane and designer, Anine Bing. We all know her name, likely own something she has designed and surely enjoy seeing her beautiful posts of her life and stunning family on social media. Hitting the scene in 2012, her brand has since exploded in the market and she has really established herself as a force in the fashion industry. Quickly creating a lifestyle brand, Anine has shown dedication and innovation. I was, therefore, so excited to discuss her passion and path of success.

Sitting in the LA sunshine, enjoying a chai latte, we chatted about life, family and business. She moved to LA from Denmark in the early 2000s with her husband, and now CEO, Nico. Together they identified a plan on how to turn her own idea, which she started in her own garage, into a retail powerhouse. Her dream?

To make getting dressed in the morning hassle free, fun and effortless.

She wanted to create everyday pieces for the busy, modern woman that would allow her to feel stylish and comfortable. This has proven to be the key to her success and has led to her ultimately designing a true lifestyle brand. Shopping at Anine Bing, you can find anything you need from apparel and lingerie to jewelry and accessories! Anine and Nico have surrounded themselves with an incredible team and are happily settled and headquartered in LA. The brand now has over 8 locations worldwide and a very successful online business.

Anine and I met in 2015 in Copenhagen. As both mothers and designers, we appreciated our similarities and respect the hard work necessary to follow our dreams. We discussed the beauty and challenges of our personal lives and work. As modern-day entrepreneurs, we both understand the sacrifices that must be made. Anine, decked head to toe in her stunning designs, does it all so elegantly and effortlessly and I have loved watching her success!

Anine with the LumillaMingus LAIA clutch in gold and black.  

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