Being a mother has always inspired me to support and empower women and children which is why I'm so honored to be partnering with Catt Sadler on the launch of the JACKI bag to support the Women Like Us Foundation. The foundation is committed to sustaining women's leadership and supports the Olmalaika Home in Kenya among other women-led initiates. The Olmalaika Home is a place of refuge for girls who are victims of FGM. They are taken in, rebuilt, educated, supported and inspired to do and be anything they could ever imagine.

Girls at the Olmalaika Home beading leather for the Jacki Bag

Girls at the Olmalaika Home beading leather for the Jacki Bag

There are currently 36 young girls living at Olmalaika, ranging in age from 4 to 17,  plus 4 in college. Each girl had a sponsor and the majority of the sponsor's cost covers schooling, uniforms, books, trips, transportation,school supplies plus personal clothing/shoes etc. Some of the girls are orphans, some are victims of FGM or childhood marriage, or have been rescued from that fate. Despite FGM being illegal in Kenya, it is still a real and frightening occurrence for many young Maasai girls.


The JACKI bag is named after a girl from the home that sadly lost her life earlier this year after becoming gravely ill. We are honored that the girls from the Olmalaika Home each created beaded pieces for the first 50 bags. The bag will be available to purchase on October 8 and proceeds from the sales will go directly to the Women Like Us Foundation.



The JACKI bag will be available on October 8, 2017. 

lulu eschelman